I often get asked this question. So here’s what I will do if I will to start all over again…

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Last week I asked my internet marketing customers in Singapore and Malaysia what do they like about our LIVE internet training.

In less than 5 days, I received an overwhelming response and everyone shared some of the things they love our training.

After combing through the videos and articles for the last 2 nights, here are 3 of the best that highlight the core concept of our training.

The best entry belongs to Kelvin Ng.

Kelvin Ng

Kelvin is a warrior.

When Kelvin sign up for our training, he was fine… but a few weeks before he attended our training, he was diagnose with Cancer.

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Today, I want to share with you a success story of Desmond Ang.

We actually did an interview with Desmond awhile ago but because of the hectic schedule, I’m only able to roll this one out today. *Forgive me… =’o(

And the reason, why I thought Desmond’s experience would be perfect for today’s blogpost because I’m pretty sure many people would be able to relate to his story.

Desmond is forty years of age and he’s married with two kids.

Like most regular middle-age Singaporean men his age, Desmond has lots of responsibilities to take care of.
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Recently I have seen alot of posting of results from our students in our Facebook group. When I started my live internet training few years ago, people have gotten results 1-2 months after they attended our workshop.

And as we go on to refine and improve our training syllabus with every new batch of students. The results are starting to show up much faster.

2 months become 1 month, 1 month become 3 weeks, 3 weeks, become 2 weeks, 2 weeks become 1 week.

And for the last few batches of students, the results started to appear in days.

Check out some of the screen shot of our newest batch of students.

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Beware Of Paypal Scammers

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Nowadays scammers are getting more and more real.

Look at this message that I received from “Paypal”.

I was wondering how come my Paypal is sending money when I didn’t initiate it and they are sending it from my bank account.

So I immediately use another computer and login to my Paypal to check and I didn’t see anything unusually there.

Looks like this is a scammer’s email.

Remember, if you receive any emails that you have any doubt with…


I have received a lot of emails from Paypal, Banks and even my autoresponder telling me to verify my accounts or to login.

When you receive emails like like, always open a new browser and login from there.

Once you have login, check if there is any message and see if there is anything wrong with your account.

Most of the time there should be nothing.

So take note and beware of the scammers!

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I always have students and customers coming to me and tell me how they compare to their competitors.

They will say… my competitors are doing this… I can’t do this.
My competitors are doing that, I can’t do that.

Let me tell you my honest advice.

Seriously, it’s not worth paying much attention to your competitors.

But why not?

Because worrying about the competition quickly turns into an obsession.

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Most people didn’t know that several years ago, I graduated from school with a fashion degree.

And I was really proud of it.

During my stint at an internship, I had the chance to work for some of the top retail labels in Europe such as, “Topshop, NEXT, etc.

I tried learning everything I could.

From designing to sales to managing of staffs – I wanted to know what it took to run a successful retail business.

My plan was to open my own line of retail outlets, coz I didn’t want to just work for anybody.

After all, there isn’t much prospect for Fashion students at that time in Singapore.

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Yes! Finally, I am back from my 2 weeks honeymoon and I just can’t wait to share with you the adventures I had in USA!

It was surprisingly fun in USA and quite frankly, I didn’t really expect it to be this way.

I always have a fear of traveling too far away as I hate jetlag.

The furthest flight I have taken, was to London, which was many years ago.

The 14 hours flight was horrible and I needed 2 days of sleep to over come the jetlag.

And since then, I have never taken a flight of more than 7 hours until my honeymoon.

But when my wife told me that she wanted to go to the US for our honeymoon, I almost ‘flipped out’.

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Over the last 2 weekends, I have been doing 3 full days of live training, back to back.

With little rest, I could feel the effects taking its toll on my body.

The previous live training I did was about 5 months ago and I made sure I got a lot of rest time before I charged up for my next live training.

So it’s definitely going to take me a little time of getting used to teaching again.

Last weekend was a little unfortunate for me. I fell ill half way through the course and I had to get my trainers to help me cover some of the topics.

But even though I was feeling sick, nothing can take away the joy I have when I see my students creating success using our proven system.

Here are some of the fantastic results that I want to share with you.

Even before our training ends, one of our students is already generating 30+ leads into his business.

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My First Trip To Korea

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I know I am kind of late. But it’s better late than never : )

I took tons of photos when I was in Korea in Feb and here’s the videos that took me the whole night to create.


Video Part 1

Video Part 2


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