One of the most often asked question I received is :

“Jaz, I have limited marketing budget. How can I drive target traffic to my website for free?”

If you are facing the same problem (especially when you are starting out), then you will love this under underutilized method that I am going to share with you today.

What I am going to share with you today is what we call: Forum Marketing.

Forum marketing is a great way that internet business owners use to promote their product or idea.

It is one of the most popular free advertising methods on the internet today.

All it takes is a little time and effort on your part on a daily basis on whatever discussions are going on for that current day.

There are five very good reasons why forum marketing works great for many website owners.
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Today’s post is going to be a confidence builder for a lot of people who are still considering whether building an internet business is something that they want to do for the long-term.

Recently, I’ve been invited to speak at an internet business seminar event.

I was scheduled to tour around asia to share my secrets about how I made money online.

Even though the audience were impressed at my results as well as my students, there are still a
minority of people who doubt that this new-age business would work out for them.

It’s funny how some people come to an internet business seminar to learn about how to create wealth online.

But when it comes down to getting their hands “dirty”, most of them would freeze in their tracks.

And I found that the number one excuse that’s stopping a lot of people from experiencing true internet wealth is that they believe that running an internet business requires lots of technical knowledge.

But if you’ve been following up with my emails and blogpost, you know that it’s just one huge myth.

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Before the Internet became commercialized in the 90s, people had to rely on physical businesses to make money.

It is after the Internet boom that the world began to see more millionaires pop up year after year.

Unfortunately, poverty is still a major issue in this world.

I am always thankful that I managed to get my finances sorted out at this young age.

Anyone who’s being following me will know my story. My fashion retail businesses failed, and I landed myself in a 6-figure debt in 2004.

It is with the Internet that I managed to turn things around, and become financially free.

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Yup! Here’s another fulfilling post.

Before I go on to the next important lesson I’m about to share with you…

Let me just give you a brief run down on what happened last weekend.

As you probably know…

My good friend Daegan Smith was in KL with me to conduct Maximum Leverage Asia.

It was a huge a blast!

I’m really happy to hear that some students are applying the strategies and are making money already.

Check out the testimonial by Karl Cardoza from Malaysia.

“Announcement: Winner of Maximum Leverage Asia Malaysia””

“Daegan… You are seriously a life saver and being apart of the maximum
leverage seminar was an awakening for me. I applied the exact principals that
you taught and made $300 in 3 hours with one email to my list….

– Karl Cardoza, malaysia”

(Here’s a video from Karl after a few days.

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Now that I am done with all the celebration for the last 3 months. (My ROM, Christmas, New Year, my customary wedding, Chinese New Year)

It’s time to go for my first holiday of the year.

I just collected my 8 Days e-ticket to Korea.

I will be leaving next Tuesday and this will be my first virgin trip to Korea.

The land of K-Pop.

Looking forward to it…

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Received this 2 big Red Packet when I opened my mail box yesterday.

Great start to my new year. I totally love Passive Income.

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In my previous post, I spoke about sincerity and passion.

I have always believed that they are necessary ingredients to being successful in whatever you do.

Sincerity and passion also creates the willingness to push forward. But we’re only human, and there will be times when we get tired of pushing for a result (especially when there is none to show for).

Or when life catches up with us, and we have to split our focus on to other things.

That’s when we have to grit our teeth and really be persistent.

And today, I am glad to say that persistence has paid off for me, and of course, my amazing students who believe in what I teach.

They say that proof is in the pudding, so here’s proof #1:

Loy is our first example, of the next few to come.

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Jack (my subscriber) commented on my previous email :

You wrote, “… me and my team are still relaxing…”

When speaking properly, you would not say, “me is still relaxing.” “My team is still relaxing would be OK.”

Proper English ALWAYS requires you to say, “My team and I are still relaxing.”

Don’t say phrases like, “Me and Joe ate pizza.” Always say, “Joe and I ate pizza.”

Hope that helps. Regardless of any personal belief in the importance of good English usage, the FACT remains you will lose a LOT of credibility when making simple English errors. My belief is that when a writer could care less about having important English content properly edited, they probably perform everything else in the same half-ass manner.

What are my qualifications to make these comments? I have earned an undergraduate degree in English, a Doctor of Jurisprudence law degree and a PhD in International Trade.

Well, I sent out an email a couple of days back about clearing off your debts, and I received a reply from one of my subscribers.

As you can see from the quote above, my subscriber proceeded to correct my English and even gave me some advice, which I highly appreciate.

Some of you may wonder if I would be offended (especially when he said I WILL always perform in a half-ass manner).

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Our Yearly Donation

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Usually at the end of the year, my friends and I will gather and pool our funds together to donate cash and food to the needy.

Last month we donated to Surya Home the following :

20 cartons of milo

20 cartons of condense milk and 20 cartons of biscuits.

450 pairs of slippers

This is not a very big amount but it will definitely goes towards helping the needy.

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The Best Wedding of The Year

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I’ve to warn you… my first post of the year is going to be quite a long one.

If you stay to read on, you’ll understand why I’m so excited to share my happiness with you.

And I assure you that there’s lots of valuable tips packed in this blogpost.

So, as you probably know… it’s been a week since my wedding banquet.

But somehow, it feels as though everything just happened yesterday.

I still get excited every time I think about it before going to bed.

It certainly was a wedding like no other.

All the guest were seated at their table in the ballroom anticipating the arrival of the bride and groom.

But everyone soon became bewildered when the banquet commenced with a rather odd message that appeared on the projector screen.

It read, “We are sorry to announce that the wedding banquet is cancelled because the Bride and Groom have met with some unforeseen circumstances and are not able to make it on time. However, the banquet will still carry on and we would like you to watch a short video clip of the wedding ceremony that managed to take place earlier today… We hope you enjoy your dinner.”

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