5 Success Tips That Influence Me The Most


After a whole week of work, I went home driving my dream car.

As I reached home, I went to my room, freshened up myself and change to a more comfortable clothes.

After the usual routines I do at home, I went out to the balcony and refreshed myself.

“Wow! What a week this was!” I said to myself with all the smiles as I breathe in the fresh air.

I gazed around me to the vast surroundings that I can see. I never realized until today that I was living with all the dreams that I could only wish in the past.

Having my very own dream car….

To be able to travel around the world with the many opportunities my work has to offer and being able to do a lot of exciting escapades during holidays instead of just staying home.

These were merely wishful thinking to me before.

Thanks to the many opportunities online business has to offer.

Though I had experienced a lot of ups and downs when running my internet business, I am happy to say to you that this is where I learned the most as compared to my retail business.

I personally experienced many hurdles in reaching my dream but every obstruction that I have cleared has allowed me to gain more knowledge and wisdom which paved the way to be what I am now.

Did you ever think I have become successful in an instant?

Unfortunately, no!

I went through many obstacles, shed a lot of tears, and have tried different ways of approach to my businesses.

But that is not where I stopped. It is where I began.

Yes, there may be some point in my life that I wanted to give up after experiencing this downfall.

But I thought to myself that if I give up because of the negations that I have undergone, I will not be able to achieve my dream of being a successful person.

I got up from my knees and started all over again. From that very day, I promised myself to never quit and just continue my journey in acquiring my dream.

If I was able to reach this ultimate success in my life… you can do it as well.

I believe you have dreams and ambitions as well. That’s good, that’s where all of this started, in just a simple dream.

Along the road to success I wanted to share some of the pointers that helped me to continue the journey of life no matter what comes along the way.

First, believe in yourself. Believe what you can do and the capabilities and strengths that you can perform. Never doubt your abilities and always think that every person is given with a unique talent and skill if it is put into good use.

Second, move forward after every failure. Do not dwell on it, instead, learn from it and move forward.

Failing is not an excuse to give up. Pull yourself together, reassess yourself, find encouragement from yourself or from others, and be more determined to stand and continue in order to reach your dream.

Third, use your strengths and work out your weaknesses in order for them to be your additional strengths. We all have our own weaknesses but overcoming it is not impossible. It is more that you should develop and nurture them in order to add a boost to your self confidence.

Fourth, never forget the people who helped you along the way. Be grateful that you were never alone in your time of need.

Lastly, you should not forget the Creator. It is through Him that we are given divine providence and guidance upon dealing with life’s journey and to the choice we select in dealing hard situations.

I hope you can get something out from these ideas I shared to you.

Use them as your guide and I bet in the future you will be among the rising entrepreneurs or successful person.

With that I hope to meet you some day so that you can share your successful stories with me.

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  1. Richard says:

    Good post , how do you make a living before you achieve your success business

    when you are first starting your internet business because you mention you close

    your retail business.Please advise to learn from you.Thank.

  2. Premlal dewli says:

    Hi mr jaz thanx for your tips. They were very encouraging. I highly apreciate u. Premlal

  3. Terrence says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Well say, and all things begin from ourselves,
    no point having the best master,
    but the student are lazy and do nothing.

    I came across a title in Warrior Forum,
    this person is looking for a mentor
    that can Guarantee him success
    in Internet Marketing.
    I post a message to him,

    “Can you Guarantee that you
    will do everything the Mentor
    are telling you to do without Fail?”
    If you can’t, forget about
    finding a Guarantee Mentor.

    Things have to work in 2 ways,
    hope helps, thanks.

    Takecare and wish you success.

  4. Jaz Lai says:

    Terence, you are 100% right.
    Most people want to be successful
    but they are not willing to commit on
    it til they see results.

  5. Jaz Lai says:


    I used to run my own retail shop until I am $180,000 in debt.
    So I have no choice but to close my shop and find ways to repaid my debts.
    During that time it’s either I succeed or I die.
    There is no other way around it.

  6. Mr Easyaccess says:

    An encouragement, indeed how do you make a living before you achieve your success business when you are first starting your internet business because you mention you close ur retail business and i run a cybercafe n wish 2hav intiatives 2ganner much target market from my location. Please advise to learn from you. KUDOS 1oncemore.

  7. Katherine Lee says:

    Hi Jaz,

    You had posted the most 5 valuable tips that will move us once and I totally agreed with Terrence if students are not committed to give their 100% efforts, what 200% results they are looking for.

    I was chatting with someone I just got to know on sat about the IM I learnt from Jaz and she asked me, so how was it? Was it easy?… My reply was nothing in the world come easy.. Earning lota of money is not going to be a easy job. You need to work for your sucess. She was rather stunned about my reply. To me, this is the fact of IM and if you are not going to work for anything, you won’t get any results plus you need a mentor that can really teach all that he know. I m glad that I had found him. 🙂 thank you!

  8. Richard says:

    Hi Jaz ,

    At the beginning when you close your retail business , how do you make a living during that stage ?

    Is it straight to internet business , how do you make profit during that initial stage.

  9. Randy Seet says:

    I totally agreed with what you have shared. Thanks

    Please let me add on with another.

    We can’t please everyone no matter how much effort have put in. Simply apologize to them and focus on the happy ones.

    Because one can get angry with petty issue eg: graphic in the PDF is too big or so on.

    Don’t get bother on it and move on. Cheers.


  10. Jaz says:


    I started working on my internet business 1 year before I close down retail shop.
    After I close it down, I struggled for another 1 year running my internet business.

    All these changed once I start hanging out and knowing more successful marketers.

    The secret is not just to focus on your business but to network and know more successful people.

  11. Jaz says:


    Right on!

    You are 100% correct.

    You just can’t please everyone.

    Let’s just focus on the right customers!

  12. ihwan says:

    The story of your suggestion to me. However, all the dreams that there must be action and MUST be in guided by an experienced person or a TEACHER. To that end I always came across your blog because I began to sit with YOU. regards

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