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Who Cares What They’re Doing?

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I always have students and customers coming to me and tell me how they compare to their competitors.

They will say… my competitors are doing this… I can’t do this.
My competitors are doing that, I can’t do that.

Let me tell you my honest advice.

Seriously, it’s not worth paying much attention to your competitors.

But why not?

Because worrying about the competition quickly turns into an obsession.

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Yup! Here’s another fulfilling post.

Before I go on to the next important lesson I’m about to share with you…

Let me just give you a brief run down on what happened last weekend.

As you probably know…

My good friend Daegan Smith was in KL with me to conduct Maximum Leverage Asia.

It was a huge a blast!

I’m really happy to hear that some students are applying the strategies and are making money already.

Check out the testimonial by Karl Cardoza from Malaysia.

“Announcement: Winner of Maximum Leverage Asia Malaysia””

“Daegan… You are seriously a life saver and being apart of the maximum
leverage seminar was an awakening for me. I applied the exact principals that
you taught and made $300 in 3 hours with one email to my list….

– Karl Cardoza, malaysia”

(Here’s a video from Karl after a few days.

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$5000 Handbag That Makes Money

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Few days ago, I bought a Chanel handbag for my ex-girlfriend (Who is now my wife) : )

I brought her the bag as a wedding present and I wanted to surprise her with it.

The look on her face was priceless when I presented her with it.

It’s understandable since the handbag cost me $5,000.

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Two weeks ago, I broadcasted an email to my subscriber list and customers to invite them to my evening seminar.

84 people turned up and quite a number of them are my customers.

During the seminar, I shared with them 3 simple steps to setting up their internet business.

And at the end of the seminar, I invited those that wanted to know more to come and attend my hands-on 3 days workshop where I will personally help them to set up their own internet business.

The workshop fee is $1997 and 17 of them took up the offer.

In the end, I generated $33,949 in only 2 hours.

To many people, it may seem easy and I can see quite a number of marketers turning to offline seminars to generate more sales for their business.

And I can safely say that most of them bomb! (meaning they close between 1-3 sales for their workshop)

Most people always think that it’s easy to sell offline, and if they were to organize their own seminar or workshop, they will make a lot of money.

But it is always easier said than done.

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Your website can have a million “eyeballs” checking it out, but if the visitors don’t become customers, then those eyeballs are worth very little.

The fact is you must pay attention to conversions for your businesses to survive.

In general, the basic ecommerce formula works like this:

Step One: Drive traffic to the website.
Step Two: Convert those eyeballs to leads.
Step Three: Convert leads to customers.
Step Four: Generate repeat purchases.
Bonus products can be an essential variable in this formula.

However, offering bonuses isn’t just putting the words “But wait – there’s more,” in your offer. The key is to know what types of bonuses will have the strongest effect on your prospects.

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In a previous post, we talked about how you can best use the “Freemium” model for business success.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the tactics and strategies (we refer to these as “Secret Ninja Tactics”) to significantly increase the response rate on your already successful Freemium based sites.

The Freemium model will make you money, but using these Secret Ninja Tactics could double or triple that amount.

1. “Hide” Your Free Entry Point

The first Secret Ninja tactic is to hide the fact that your “entry point” is free.

Why would you want to make it harder for people to get your information?

First, people often associate the word ‘free’ with ‘no value’.

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The “Freemium” Model (Part 1 of 3)

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Today we’re going to discuss “membership marketing”, and how it’s almost a requirement for a successful website.

If you’re selling anything online, whether it’s ebooks, digital products or anything of that sort,
then the membership system we discuss below can deliver those products in the most effective and profitable way.

Business Success Means Avoiding Churn and Increasing Revenue Per Customer.

To be a business success, you’ll need to avoid customer churn (or “turnover”).

If you get 100 new members, but 99 of them quit after 30 days, it’ll be hard for your business to survive.

In a membership context, it’s the period of time someone will keep paying their membership fees.

So while it’s vitally important to constantly acquire new customers, it’s just as important to maximize the revenue of each customer you already have.

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To Buy or Not to Buy?

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Let me set the scenario:

You get a great sales page flying at you through an email from a marketer whose list you are on.  It sounds good, but you’re on the fence about buying the product. “It might help me out.”  “But I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore products for a while.”  You’ve got that little volleyball match going on in your head.

As you get down near the buy button, you see the bonuses.  Wow!  7, 8, 11 bonuses. You didn’t really count but you can see there are a lot.

Now my question(s):  Does seeing this many bonuses cause you to buy the product? Or does it turn you off?  Or does the number of bonuses matter to you at all – your mind is made up before you even get to the list of bonuses?

Next question(s):  Does it matter to you what the bonuses are? If they’re video, audio, or PDF bonuses?  With our without private label rights?  PLR products or new original products?

I know, there are a lot of questions here but I’d like your comments.  I’ll tell you what I think after you leave your comment and let me know what you think, okay?

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Sales Pages And The Age-Old Question

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Sales pages have changed through the years. It seems you see fewer long sales pages online and see more short sales pages or a sales video with no real written sales copy. But are marketers testing what works best in their market?

Or are they listening to that one person who gets on the Warrior Forum and spouts off about how much he hates to read long copy?

Are marketers going with short copy because they are lazy or don’t know how to write compelling long copy, or have they studied sales copy and know what converts?

It seems like so many sheeple marketers join the parade as soon as they hear the loud drums and lively music. They don’t stop to consider whether this parade is the real deal and will take them where they want to go.

Personally, I could go on and on about how much I hate to watch video sales pages and much prefer to read copy, but am I my target customer?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on which of my niches I’m looking at. But I sure as heck shouldn’t decide whether to use short copy, long copy, or video copy based on what I like.

Yet, I see so many marketers doing that. In a nutshell – test new ideas to see if they work. For that matter, test old ideas to see if they still work. Tell me what you think. Just sound off in the comment box below.

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