$33,949 In 2 Hours – How I Easily Did It With The Right Customers


Two weeks ago, I broadcasted an email to my subscriber list and customers to invite them to my evening seminar.

84 people turned up and quite a number of them are my customers.

During the seminar, I shared with them 3 simple steps to setting up their internet business.

And at the end of the seminar, I invited those that wanted to know more to come and attend my hands-on 3 days workshop where I will personally help them to set up their own internet business.

The workshop fee is $1997 and 17 of them took up the offer.

In the end, I generated $33,949 in only 2 hours.

To many people, it may seem easy and I can see quite a number of marketers turning to offline seminars to generate more sales for their business.

And I can safely say that most of them bomb! (meaning they close between 1-3 sales for their workshop)

Most people always think that it’s easy to sell offline, and if they were to organize their own seminar or workshop, they will make a lot of money.

But it is always easier said than done.

Right now, there are only a handful of marketers that I know can pull off great results (like generating between $30,000-$80,000 in 2 hours).

And I have also seen my fair share of people who just can’t sell on stage even with excellent content.

Now what’s the different that separate these 2 types of marketers?

Let me reveal my secret to you…

The difference between me and the rest of them is this…

It’s the customers that makes the difference. Not me!

Why is that so?

First, let’s talk about my sales funnel.

My seminar is actually my backend for my online products.

This is how it looks like:

Now let’s talk about the front end – My ebook.

Truth is, an Internet business is nothing without sales.

You can have the best content in the world, but if your visitors aren’t converting into customers, then your business might as well not exist.

But in order to maximise your profits, it is fundamental (and this is foundations/basics we’re talking about) to have a sales funnel.

What you see above (the diagram) is my sales funnel.

A sales funnel is a process whereby you guide your customers towards purchasing your product/paying for your service, and you introduce more products later on to solve more problems they have.

The mistake comes when most people have ONLY a front-end product, and that’s it.

Having only a front-end product means you do not consider the continuity of your business.

In other words, the retention of your customers.

It’s more like a one-deal business instead of a continuity business.

In my previous post, I talked about giving customers what they want in order to win them over.

Now, that was the first step.

Your second step is to give them what they want over and over again.

All profitable businesses do this.

That’s sustainability, and it’s a foundational block for the success of your business.

What I personally advise most people when they start out in their business, is to have a minimum of three different products meant for the three different stages of growth.

The front-end product is the basic product that you are selling.

It is not for profit. Instead, it is meant to merely break even from your advertising costs.

And in order to break even and to continuously generate a huge list of customers, you’ll need something that isn’t too expensive.

The front-end product has to be affordable.

Bear in mind that it has to be something that people want.

If the front-end is meant to help you break even, then the back-end is where the profits are.

Consider the back-end as an upgrade for your customers.

Whatever you gave them initially, the back-end makes things even better/easier for them.

Since your customers have already brought your front end product and if your products are good, it becomes much easier for your customers to buy from you again because of the trust they have on you.

Have a middle-range product that will continue their education and teach them more complicated and advanced methods.

And if your customers progress to the advanced level and need more personal help, throw in the high-end product. The upgrade of all upgrades.

The high-end product is the one that will make you the most money, not just because it is the most expensive, but because there is no cost involved in selling to them.

They are already your customers.

So what differentiates my offline success from others is that…

Those customers that pay for my high-end training are my customers who came from my sales funnel.

Let me highlight it again.

In my own business, I have a front-end $27 product.

And whoever bought my products will be introduced to my membership program.

Once they are in my membership program, and if they need additional help, we have a 4-week $997 online coaching program for them.

They may buy the product, or they may not. The important thing is that I build a relationship along the way.

And occasionally, I will conduct my higher-end live-workshop training (usually 2-3 times a year) where you get to meet me face to face.

So whenever I announce my workshop date, my customers will be very eager to want to know more about it.

And every workshop that I conduct will be a SOLD OUT event.

Even though my live training is priced at $1997, most people are happy to pay for it because of the relationship and trust they have with us (because they are our customers).

If you are running any businesses, you have to seriously consider putting a few range of products into your sales funnel to increase your profit by 300% more.

You may think that, that’s quite a bit of work you’ll need to accomplish.

But understand that all businesses are the same.

As successful people always say, it is easy to become successful.

But maintaining that success is when the hard work comes in.

A business is exactly like that.

In order to achieve continuity, it is only necessary to have more than one attraction to your shopfront.

In the case of your Internet business, it will be your multiple services or products.



  1. jcw says:

    Agree with the steps that you take before offering the high
    backend offers. Offering a quality Free frontend product
    also works.

  2. subscrible .yes i am new guest

  3. Michael S Killian says:

    I wanna make money

  4. Terrence says:

    Well say, Jaz, thanks for the tips, and i totally agreed. Whenever i want to promote something, i always ask myself what i need most, then i find the products or systems that can solve my problem and also offer it to my customers.
    In short, the learning curve for online business is always ongoing…

  5. david tay says:

    hi jaz,
    Its unbelievable but you done it. The front end/back end product plan are interesting. Gainning the trust of the customers are important. Its also important to maintain the relationship between buyer/seller.
    Thanks for sharing the info. I learnt a new thing today.

    david tay

  6. Jaz says:

    Glad you learn something new today David.

    Well said Terrence.

  7. ali says:

    HI my friend Jaz you aways give happy to us thank you

  8. Mark Low says:

    Never thought anyone’s willing to share how they make huge money in such a short time with everyone.
    It’s unbelievable but you truly wants everyone to succeed in the Internet marketing sphere. Thank you!

  9. juergen says:

    Hi Jaz Thanks for sharing the info.

  10. Desmond Tan says:

    Great tips Jaz. I gained something..

  11. Stephanie says:

    Hey I like that idea of bringing in traffic and getting paid for it, but right now I have no money for the start-up fees. Is there a way to start without paying anything?
    P.S. Please let me know a.s.a.p. Thanks,
    Stephanie Gonzalez

  12. Jaz Lai says:

    Of course you can Stephanie, register here to get a guide on how to build list of subscribers. http;//

  13. Jim Thompson says:

    Hi Jaz, I just wanted to say thanks. I love your products. I hope I can follow your advice and make some of that cash.

  14. Darlinton says:

    Guudday Jaz Lai, it’s guud 2know about online biz n i am tryin my best 2make a turnaround in my financial life but, like i said earlier on in one of my mails,u deal in dollars and i am from Nigeria where we deal in NAIRA.d value in currency is different but all d same, i want 2 comment on ur latter letter 2me where i noted something down. u said it’s easy 2 know who will succeed in this biz and will not.u need cash 2 run this bcos any small concept raised in this online biz demands cash, so u see. am in dire need 2make a headway but cash is so limited that it’s almost impossible; so wit that, u can’t say am not to succeed because am not easily committing my resources into needs 2 see a result in the one committed in it because the way the online biz go, its not like our local biz transacted hand-to-hand. i need 2b seen through in this

  15. Steve says:

    Congrats Jaz for another success of your workshop

  16. Richard says:

    Hi Jaz ,

    It is based by relationship and trust.

  17. sibonile says:

    show me i want to make money, i want to be involved in business

  18. Jaz Lai says:

    Sure Sibonite. Let me know what have you done?

  19. Hi Jaz ,

    What a impressive strategy that are impressive.

    I think you’ve produced some interesting points. I realized that theres so very

    much about this subject thats been uncovered and you did it so properly.

    One more points on your web blog.



  20. Janet says:

    Great sharing. I learned something. Met u at the SMART Congress just over the weekend. What you shared made a lot of sense and it’s ez to digest. I’m planning to design a few products and services next year and learning from you now is the “bestest” time.

  21. michael jelacic says:


    Did you really make 35 grand doing this.. hmm WOW ..thats awesome!! I also wanted to ask.. or i was wondering rather, why no ads or affiliate ads on your site? Is it because it is wordpress??

    I dnt know if you heard but wordpress allows adds now for anyone.. Search this blog and follow if you dnt already it’s a must you will find anything you need to know there..

    And how do you like the ithemes builder??

  22. Ahmed Chafroud says:

    I need your help to make some money but be advised that I can’t pay any fees.

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