The Most Persuasive Form Of Selling – From a Chinese Sensei


Yup! Here’s another fulfilling post.

Before I go on to the next important lesson I’m about to share with you…

Let me just give you a brief run down on what happened last weekend.

As you probably know…

My good friend Daegan Smith was in KL with me to conduct Maximum Leverage Asia.

It was a huge a blast!

I’m really happy to hear that some students are applying the strategies and are making money already.

Check out the testimonial by Karl Cardoza from Malaysia.

“Announcement: Winner of Maximum Leverage Asia Malaysia””

“Daegan… You are seriously a life saver and being apart of the maximum
leverage seminar was an awakening for me. I applied the exact principals that
you taught and made $300 in 3 hours with one email to my list….

– Karl Cardoza, malaysia”

(Here’s a video from Karl after a few days. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yHcQ427XKM&sns=em)

Just imagine getting paid right after attending a live training… and in the following months to come.

It’s almost like you’re being paid to learn how to be successful on the internet.

I don’t know about you.

But having that extra financial back-up means a lot to me.

It sets me free from financial burden.

And I don’t have to bother about looking at the price whenever I buy the things I love.

I don’t know about other gurus… (You prolly know who they are)

But at Daegan’s Maximum Leverage training; students can literally see results as soon as the following day after the training.

And Daegan never fails to over-deliver.

Hey… you know what? Don’t just take my word for it.

Google his name… Read up on him and you’ll know he’s the real deal.

We are in the mist of the event in Singapore and I will share with you more tips after we wrap up Maximum Leverage Singapore.

So the next thing I wanna touch base on… is about this powerful salesman
in stealth mode.

He sells you stuff at a ridiculous price beyond doubt and you’ll still
be happy to pay for it.


So here’s how it happened.

As you know, I’m keeping my finger crossed for a “dragon” baby this year.

My wife wanted to make sure that she is both medically and physically fit to get pregnant, so she decided to take on a friend’s recommendation to visit a Chinese Medical Sensei in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Apparently, it’s not easy to book an appointment with the Sensei.

And my wife had to book 2 months in advanced.

Just when you thought you could enter the Sensei’s room after travelling
hundreds of miles.

Plus being on time… there’s a freakin’ long cue of about 12 people ahead of you.

When I heard this, I was thinking…

“Man, is this guy a miracle healer of some sort?”

Trust me, you’d be thinking the same thing too soon enough.

Okay, so it’s finally my wife’s and her friend’s turn to meet the Sensei.

The Sensei asked my wife to rest her hand on the wrist pillow as he gently pressed his fingers onto her pulse.

And within a few seconds he told her about the illnesses she used to have that could possibly relapse.

Mind you…

This Sensei has no previous medical records of my wife or whatsoever.

This is only the first visit.

But just by feeling the rhythm of the pulse, he could tell you exactly where the problem is in detail.

My wife’s friend was next.

And after feeling her pulse.

He could tell that she had a miscarriage once and he diagnosed her accordingly.

And he also mentioned that her kidney is failing and if she don’t strengthen it now, something ‘bad’ will happen.

She was so sad to hear it that she ended up being depressed for a free days.

Both patients were given a small prescription of pills.

But guess how much was the consultation and prescription fee?

My wife paid $200 and her friend paid a hefty $300.

And this guy sees an average of 30 patients a day!

Considering if he takes the weekend off, that’s like $6000/day… $35000/month!

Imagine having your internet business generates you that sort of income every single day.

You probably never have to look at the right side of the menu ever again whenever you walk into a restaurant.

So why am I telling you this?

Get this… I’m pretty sure most people would agree with me that this Sensei is indeed the real deal.

I mean, he gives detailed diagnosis even before doctors can detect the problem.

But to me, this Sensei is also a fantastic salesman.

Don’t you think so?

He easily builds rapport by stating existing problems or illness you have that no one knows about except you.

And he further creates the need and the sense of urgency when he tells you the importance of treating the problem right away.

And you’ll convince yourself that treating the problem NOW is the best solution that you can’t wait to get the cure.

You’ll just be ready to buy.

That’s like selling without having the need to sell – in action!

Well, I’ve also visited a Chinese Sensei once.

Despite meeting me for the first time and having no previous records of my medical status…

He could tell that I don’t have a very healthy heart and among other things.

Luckily he said that I didn’t need any supplements.

All I need is to have enough sleep and exercise and I’ll be fine.

Trust me…

If he told me that I can be cured with a $1000 ginseng and if I don’t eat it… I’ll have to live with an healthy heart for the rest of my life…

I’ll buy it right off the bat!

Are we on the same page here?

If you can relate to your customers by pointing out the challenges and difficulties they face (especially the first time you meet), they’ll start listening to you.

It shows people you’ve been there and you absolutely know what you’re talking about.

That’s why it’s always important to put yourself in your customers’ shoe… So you know the problems they are facing in their internet business.

This is how you can get them to trust you overnight!

This may or may not be easy for you to understand.

But look, I have spent my fair share of money on internet business courses and stuff that didn’t work before I got to where I am today.

I struggled with hard work too… often wondering whether I’m on the right track.

And I’m not even computer literate, which puts me at a huge disadvantage
compared to most people.

But I manage to over come that.

So hang in there cause once you understand how this work, nothing will stop you.

Next, lead them to see and understand the weight of the problems they’re facing.

Such that, if they don’t do anything to solve the problem now… it’ll continue to persist or even be detrimental in the long run.

That’s when your products would seem ever more valuable to them… because you have the cure.

Don’t be surprise that some of the best salesletters today are written in the exact same format too.

It converts sales like crazy.

But to an inexperienced person who’s never been exposed to sales and marketing,
they can’t tell you exactly what’s the difference between a normal letter and a sales letter.

They can only tell you how compelling they felt reading the salesletter that they even want to buy it too.

Go ahead and try it!

Use it in your salesletters or emails.

I’m sure you’ll see some interesting results.



  1. David says:

    Great post Jaz. I’m planning a new info product for release soon which I can use this for.

  2. Jaz Lai says:

    Yes David. Think about how you can use this to get them to buy from you. This is powerful stuffs

  3. Hello Jaz always great to see information in my email box from you and I am always listening to your thoughts on how to make money online…I have been running above website for some time although it needs lots more work to make it better with this site and numerous other sites I signed up for with the so called ‘gurus’ they have not helped me to ever make money online at all…I have spent thousands of my last pounds and am even over £4,000.00 in debt on my overdraft card with my business account at my bank aside with now serious health issues and ongoing further medical tests and mri’s…When I see the success you have had and continue to see it gives me hope that there are ways out of the gutters of online marketing and I look up to you and truly wish you and your wife 22 children… hahaha just kidding…Do not know where to turn to and get over this hump and I spend countless hours daily trying to make money each day but unable at all…The only things I now get daily are ‘gurus’ sending me useless emails by the hundreds daily and cannot see myself giving them anymore funds because of complete lies…other comments I get are from my website on the sports site http://www.everyathletesjourney.com and they are always very positive and say they love this sports web site but to date I have not made one dime from it and its been running about 6 months…This site was set up through one of the ‘gurus’ with ‘brain host’ as the so called brains behind it…I even tried ‘home webstite’ and have about 22 products of mine running there and again not one dime of revenue into my bank account…Do not know now what to do as I am broke in the U.K. WISHING YOU SUCESS AND HAPPY FAMILY AND HEALTHY CHILDREN…BLESSES AIDAN

  4. Katherine Lee says:

    Thanks Jaz 老师 for the awesome post!
    Indeed it helps me to think more about the new niche I created myself which I will be glad to share with you on my success soon.
    In additional, your spirit of sharing your true secret about how to get sales in via emailing is something no other gurus will do. I realized I was able to assess a root clause of someone else emails got open and couldn’t get any click thru rate…. And what I know is what you always had taught. Thank you!!!

  5. Hi Jaz ,
    Interesting post
    Please advise this sensei take what duration to establish that earning power ?


  6. Penny says:

    Great post as always and a great reminder to stick through it even when times are tough.

  7. Jaz Lai says:

    I always try to give as much as I can. This is a long term business. The more you give, the more you reap!

  8. bella says:

    Hi Jaz,
    Very good post, will try this for my Wirelicious Jewellery selling.
    You always make interesting posts.
    Thank you

  9. Jaz Lai says:

    You are welcome Bella!

  10. ulki says:

    hi jaz,
    this is out of topic, but can you please write down the contact for the sensei?
    thx very much.


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