Who Cares What They’re Doing?


I always have students and customers coming to me and tell me how they compare to their competitors.

They will say… my competitors are doing this… I can’t do this.
My competitors are doing that, I can’t do that.

Let me tell you my honest advice.

Seriously, it’s not worth paying much attention to your competitors.

But why not?

Because worrying about the competition quickly turns into an obsession.

What are they doing?
What marketing campaign are they going to try?
How much are they going to lower the price? etc…

Every little move from them becomes something to be analyzed. And that’s bad for your brain.

It leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. If you keep thinking this way, it’s tough for you to grow your OWN business.

Doing this is pointless as the competition and marketing changes all the time.

What’s the point of worrying about things you can’t control.

What you should do is to focus on yourself instead. What’s going on in your business is way more important than what’s going on out there.

Servicing your customers are more important than spying on your competition.

Instead of spending time worrying about someone else, it’s better than spending that time improving yourself.

Focusing on competitors too much and you distancing yourself from your vision.

Don’t spend your time trying to come up with the best idea to “kill” that ipod product or that MP3 player.

It’s suicidal.

Instead… focus on YOUR own products and make it great… Then serve your customers well.

Having a great product and making your customers happy will generate better returns than focusing on “killing” your competitors.

The same goes to my online business.

Instead of focusing how to beat my competitors, I stay 100% focus on creating great products and giving my customers what they want.

Because of this simple strategy, I am now doing double the sales of what I achieved last year.

By the end of next month, we would have achieve what we have done for the whole of last year. And we still have 6 more months to go.

I’m excited and this lesson is the main reason why I’m able to do it.

So focus on your own business instead of your competition.

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  1. Peter Tan says:

    Hi Jaz, you know me. I am the one who has just finished attending your training last Sunday, 20May2012, and always have a word with you after you finished at the end of each day.

    Also met you at your office yesterday evening. I am struggling to set up this business.

    Met with some problems that I hope your support team would be able to help me resolve quickly (not able to make payment for buying solo ads thru Paypal, which kept asking me for a second credit card; and Freelancer keep asking me on my submission of issue when I want to get a freelance writer to write my first article). This is slowing me down from driving traffic to me website!!!

    Please help. Thank you.

    Peter Tan

  2. Peter Tan says:

    Hi Jaz, I saw your picture that you are singing. Can you really singing well? Well, hope one day to see/hear you in ACTION!!!

    Peter Tan

  3. Jaz Lai says:

    Haha. Peter, if got chance, we can go sing together.

    For the Paypal issue, that’s nothing I can do. It’s between you and Paypal. Check with them on this.

    Secondly, if you are paying for solo ads, when you see the paypal payment, there is a column where it states that you can pay thru credit card instead of paypal. Look properly and you will see the credit card link.

  4. tadataka nakao says:

    I ‘m satisfied to meet you here very much.
    Just started learning FACEBOOK/YOU TUBE/ and affiliate businesses
    online in Yokohama/Japan. Telling the truth, I lost 5 millions bucks from
    terrible earthquake with tunami last March, and the no occupatioins
    with me at all, Nothing to lose, anything to gain right now.
    I wanna take anything I can do with my best indeed.
    * Renarks: 77 years old, Vietnam war as career pilot, aircraft dispatcher
    in United Airlines, and Managing consultant for 20 years in Tokyo, and
    Nothing at present but pretty much exiting!!

  5. Jaz Lai says:

    Wow! Tadataka. It’s my pleasure to meet you. This is the first time I know that I have a Japanese subscribers. Thanks for dropping your message. See you around!

  6. Faridah says:

    Hello Jaz,

    This is Faridah FBI/makdadah.
    Please bear with me as I do not know what I have or do not have yet with your programmes as my appointment with Helen has to be postponed to next week as I was required to escort our guest to the airport at the time I was supposed to meet Helen at 3pm last Tuesday.
    I suggested at 7pm but she could not make it. Thence, she suggested next week but has yet to be fixed on which day……

  7. Hello Jaz Lai,
    i got a mail from you that you want to delete me from your list. I do miss opening your mails some times because of the stressing work I have. I am a teacher with a family. I have 2 children with autism. I live a very stressing life but I am trying my luck with internet marketing. I do not know where it will take me but I am strruggling hard. I do have a homepage which I have never made sales out of. I hope to do so some day.
    I enjoy your articles. I do read them when I get time and I try to follow your methods. Thanx for the good job.
    Regards maggie nakiranda

  8. sunny says:

    oh, how may i be part of your stuff?
    nice work.

  9. Jaz Lai says:

    No problem Faridah. Whenever you are free, let us know and we will help you.

  10. Jaz Lai says:

    Sunny, that’s easy. Just buy my products! : )

  11. bernard m says:

    Hi ! I’m trying to earn some money online marketing. I just don’t know how to go about it.In the past many gurus made me buy trash stating that they will coach me. Till today I just collected some trash and nothing has come useful.
    I am undergoing some coaching now and hope to become a success.I did not know you people in the past when I was playing with the computer. I did not sight your name or some of your other colleagues, then. So that’s why I did not respond. Hope something will develop in the future. Bye

  12. Jaz Lai says:

    Now that you know me Bernard. Look out for my email. I will recommend good strategies and products to help you

  13. Lovenus Goh says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Wow! The email subject line really caught me by surprise and I really had to click and go in to see what is happening. Haha.

  14. Grace says:

    Hi Jaz, nice honeymoon photos, i enjoy it!!!
    Btw, I’m Grace had attended the 20th May workshop, and now is struggling in driving subscriber.
    So far, I had posted 12 ads, only 5 ads are approved in, got 128 viewers but 0 subscriber till now. What has went wrong to my ads?
    It’s discouraging with so many rejected ads (8x), worst with no result. I’ve stop posting new classify ads.

    I’m Adswap member though, skeptical to try Adswaps. What should i do next to gain our confidence level? Any other quicker and effective way to drive subscriber?

    When is the live date for Fushionology?

  15. Premlal dewli says:

    Hi jaz i know in past you have tried to help me but because of my circumstances i couldnt take advantage now i m on my job ln australia at present cant download. When i m on leave i wil take ur help. Thanks prem

  16. Jaz Lai says:

    Grace, it’s time’s like this that differentiate leaders from losers. Continue learning and implementing. If you don’t like it, then use other methods.

    Other quicker ways are solo ads and forum marketing.

  17. Nice Jaz… Focus on your own progress and doing what you think is best, don’t be a copycat. Keep the quality coming

  18. Joni Head says:

    Hello Jaz Lai,
    I got a email from you that you want to delete me from your list. I am preparing for a Fashion Show, so I have been very busy.
    I do enjoy your articles. I do read them when I get time and I try to follow your methods. Thanx for the good job.
    Regards Joni Head

  19. PRATIVA BEHERA says:

    Hello Jaz Lai,
    I got a email from you that you want to delete me from your list. I am preparing for a project, so I have been very busy.
    I do enjoy your articles. I do read them when I get time and I try to follow your methods. Thanks for the good job.

  20. Luis Ravissa fue un excelente Mentor, eso es indudable. Pero las opiniones son contrarias. Creo que las opiniones o consejos son frutos de la experiencia. De ahí que Jazz Lai lo que dice tiene razon, porque él da mayor importancia al cliente actual y no mira la competencia para no tener stress ni ser obsesivo. Me parece que realmente tiene que ser así, porque son millones de personas que aún no saben lo que nosotros sabemos, ni se imaginal el volumen del mercado.
    Rodeado de las mejores personas naturalmente la empresa debe ser exitosa!

  21. Amigo Jazz
    Yo tambien espero que suceda algo…

  22. davidfones says:

    Hi Jaz, Pl bear with me.
    Thanks to you I finally managed to gain access as an affiliate.
    I am completely IT illiterate and cannot leave my full-time job as LA in a law firm until 6pm. I understand tr team does not work on Saturdays.
    Helen has been very helpful last Fri evening at TechPark but she says I need some one technically inclined to help me further.

    I need to convert the 10 emails to html and upload them to Getresponse with instructions to sequence them to subscribers at appropriate intervals and connect to my website.

    Hopefully, subscribers who accept the promos and join as affiliates.

    I will be resigning from my full-time job on 11 June and will then look forward to meeting you and yr team.

    Until then I will do my incompetent best,muddling through and in time I ask you to bear with me

    Regards davidfones

  23. Jaz Lai says:

    No problem David, let us know whenever you can make it

  24. Jaz Lai says:

    Yes Pedro, I totally agree with you

  25. Jaz Lai says:

    Colin, I just drop you an email. Please check. Thanks.

  26. davidfones says:

    Further to my reply and in answer to yr further email to delete me from yr email, I think that I might have left one of the emails unattended- the fault mine and I hope that this confusion can be rectified so that you will send future emails to one particular one.

  27. jessrine and philip says:


    Dont delete us. we have invest so much $$ but have not work on it yet. cont’ us on your mailing list. let us know when you will be in malaysia again. we know we need to do something. but need help.


  28. Cynthia Kirby says:

    Have been in and out of the hospital, have been sick, thank you for sending me information that will and can help me. So please keep me on your list of people, again thank you!

  29. Jaz Lai says:

    Jessrine, whenever you need help, remember to use our support help desk

  30. Sol Israel says:

    Hi Jaz!

    I just sent you a message in Facebook, I now made up my mind to join, what product should I buy? where will I start? Hope you can help me and be patient with me.

    Looking forward meeting you in person!

    Best regards,

  31. Penny says:

    Hi Jaz,
    A thoughtful reminder, sometimes, we are so bothered by what other people are doing that we forget the core reason why we start a blog or website at the same time. Instead of serving our own community of fans; we are ‘suckered’ into beating the competition.As in the words of Neil Gaiman’s latest commencement address” Make Great Art’.

  32. Ainezl shi says:

    Hello Jaz Lai
    I got a email from you that you want to delete me from you list
    ,I just come back from China last week, I stay there about 3weeks,
    my grandma just passway.I will read your articles
    and try to follow your methods

  33. Selyn says:

    Thank you for this sharing, Jaz.
    It comes at the right time to me.
    We should stay focus on how to grow ourselves & to do BEST out of us. Worrying about others is killing us emotionally & physically. 🙂

    I was supposed to attend your class last weekend but unfortunately I sprained & injured my ankle very badly til I couldn’t get out from the house.
    Hope to see you very soon!

  34. Ivan Yang says:

    Don’t lah give up on us so fast by deleting us.
    Have always click on your mail & even attended your
    webinar while you are holiday in USA. Only that don’t have time
    to write love story yet. However, you are always on our mind.
    How can we forgot you when we have invested so much time & $.
    Just need a kick start somewhere — especially for a newbie & a
    so call baby boomer by the Gen Y & Gen X.

    Understand there is a revision class coming up on 28th May 7pm – 10pm.
    Coincide with my business trip next week. Any possibility of alternative replacement revision class new date available ? I know it’s not easy &
    you are already doing your best to cater for us too. If you don’t ask,
    you will never get to know. Keeping m finger cross !

  35. Ayidu Kingsley. From Nigeria says:

    Dear Jaz thank you for all your mails n instructions I love it am just beging to learn how to desigm a web n hope you will be of grate help to me cos things are not always easy for starters here in Nigeria I don’t even have my own computer but I am determined to succed thanks to you Love you

  36. ihwan says:

    i am still here jay ….

  37. Richard says:

    Thanks for the update Jaz. I need to go over some of the things you are sharing with us. I am not going anywhere either (ihwan comments … lol).

  38. hudson ling says:

    i am still using this email account.

  39. Xavier Yuntavid says:

    I enjoy reading every articles sent to my email. Though I haven’t started anything about this, i’m interested still and looking forward to start out of it.. 🙂

  40. Hashim says:

    Hey Jai,

    This is Hashim. I got your e-mail. I am still here but I am quite busy working. I never had the time to join your program because I always thought that your program might be too expensive for me to make money with you. I will try my best to join your program so I can make money. Thanks.


  41. I need partner and advis

  42. Joni Head says:

    I got you email….

  43. Kathy Abraham says:

    Hi Jaz,

    I’m still here. Have been busy these few weeks coz I’m going away for 3 weeks next week. Plse do not remove me from your address book.


  44. Izhar Mohd Idris says:

    Hi Jaz,

    I’m still around but I have to admit that I did not involve myself with what you have thought last year. Right now, I only concentrate on my current job and may be I will involve with something else after I retire next year. For time being I still read your e-mail to know the current situation. Tq

  45. Syahrul says:

    im still here jay 🙂

  46. Bitcoin User says:

    Paypal really sucks, it is such a pain in the butt. I cannot wait until Bitcoins take over paypal.

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