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The money is NOT in the list!

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The cream of the crop businesses in the world, big and little, has something in common: They establish relationships with their customers on an emotional layer and then nourish those relationships.

A lot of small marketers get this wrong.

They utilize their marketing channels – Sending email, posting in Facebook, Sending Twitter etc… by only broadcasting sales messages to their market.

When they send out email – They hard sell.

When they post in Facebook. All they do is to push their products.

You are more likely to discover them sending links to their sales pages and opt-in pages, than reaching out to customers and future customers, and offering them help.

If every email you send or every message you type is to get someone to buy your products.

Then you are too short-sighted.

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Spring CleaningYesterday I went to my friends place for a birthday party. When I arrived, the hall looks really nice.

We chat till we touch on our hobbies. My friend ask me to follow him to his room so he can show me his model kit collections.

To my dismay, when I saw his room, It was in a total mess. Everything was out of place and very dirty.

This made me remembered the importance of keeping our home clean. This leads me to…

Spring Cleaning Time.

I don’t mean cleaning up your house but your Subscribers List.

If you don’t do it regularly, your business costs will increase and your subscriber’s list response will drop.

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One of the MOST important rule for any Entrepreneur is to Know Your Customers.

When you know the problems of your customers, it’s like Fortune Telling.

When I am talking about knowing your customers, I am not talking about just knowing their names and email addresses.

I’m referring to knowing and relating to your customers on an emotional level.

If you want to create a business that brings in at least six figures this year…

Then you better be prepared to know Your Customers better starting from TODAY.

If you have NOT made your first sale yet: You should Know and Understand your customer better than they know themselves.

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