How A 19 Year Old Student Went From Being Broke To Making $1500 A Day


Today’s post is going to be a confidence builder for a lot of people who are still considering whether building an internet business is something that they want to do for the long-term.

Recently, I’ve been invited to speak at an internet business seminar event.

I was scheduled to tour around asia to share my secrets about how I made money online.

Even though the audience were impressed at my results as well as my students, there are still a
minority of people who doubt that this new-age business would work out for them.

It’s funny how some people come to an internet business seminar to learn about how to create wealth online.

But when it comes down to getting their hands “dirty”, most of them would freeze in their tracks.

And I found that the number one excuse that’s stopping a lot of people from experiencing true internet wealth is that they believe that running an internet business requires lots of technical knowledge.

But if you’ve been following up with my emails and blogpost, you know that it’s just one huge myth.

Because one thing’s for sure, I still have no idea how to set up a website.

And it has not stop me from making at least a 5-6 figure every month.

This is the truth that people need to know – knowing how to build a website and knowing how to make money on the internet is completely 2 different skillsets.

I mean, there are guys I know who are excellent webmasters or programmers who build fantastic websites.

But they are still working for someone else.

If all it takes to become rich on the internet is to know how to create a website, then a lot of people would be rich by now.

Afterall, there are courses available in polytechnics and universities that teaches you website building stuff like… html, css… etc.

But they don’t teach you how to make money from your websites.

But here’s a piece of good news that you want to get excited about is that… learning how to make money online is actually a lot more easier.

Once you are able to accept the fact that learning how to make money is as easy as surfing the net or sending out an email…

You’ll probably start to see results just like Gary, a 19 year old student from Malaysia.

Now, Gary didn’t come from a well-to-do family and he’s still living with his parents.

Like me, he also didn’t have an I.T background nor is exceptionally good with computers.

He was just a regular kid who needed a way out of “Broke-ness”

When he came to me, he only had RM$5 in his wallet. Just imagine… RM$5 is equivalent to about US$1.50?

Yeah, you are probably wondering… what can you do with US$1.50.

Just for the record, you can still get a nice bowl of noodles down by the hawker in Malaysia.

But obviously, Gary didn’t just want to have RM$5 in his pocket every single day.

And here’s the thing, he just started dating his girlfriend.

And I’m sure every guy understand the pain of not being able to take his girlfriend out on a nice
date just because he doesn’t have enough money.

And it hurts him that every time he takes her out, he had no choice but to get allowance from his old man.

If he was lucky, he can get as much as RM$40 (US$13).

And it’s just enough to watch a movie and a cheap dinner at a hawker centre.

As broke as he was… What really moved me was his determination to sign up for my 3 days workshop.

When we met, I told him the same thing I tell all my students.

If you can show me 100% commitment, I’ll give you two times the commitment toward your success.

And things start to get better after the 3 days.

You see, just a month after attending the workshop, Gary has hit his RM$5000/month mark.

Check out his message that he send me through Facebook.

Quite frankly, to some people… earning RM$5000 is not really a big deal.

But for a young kid who’s barely making ends meet, RM$5000 is a huge break-through.

In fact, I just received his latest message not too long ago where he hit his first RM$1500 a day.

And his target is to continue to hit at least RM$1000 every single day (All these within 60 days of completing his training with us).

I decided to get Gary on the phone, just to see how he was doing. And he told me something interesting.

Something that could probably inspire you too, to take action for your internet business.

He said…

“Last week I went out shopping with my girlfriend. And for the first time while buying stuff, I
didn’t bother to see how much money I left.

Usually, I’ll be cautious with what I spend on, just to make sure that I still have some money left for dinner.

But things have changed last week. Anything I saw that I like, I just bought it.

I could finally tell my girlfriend not to worry about the price and she can just go ahead and pick out her favorite dress.

I ended up spending a little over a RM$1000 that day. It was really amazing. I’ve never spent that much money in a day before. But it felt really great…”

This is probably going to piss some hard-working internet entrepreneurs.

Because Gary spends only an hour promoting his business.

Seriously, with just 1 hour… I can tell that there’s no technical stuff that needs to be done.

Go ahead and asks the experts. Some people need the whole day to build a website… and they don’t make money out of it.

What Gary does is, he clones my system.

It’s just like copying and pasting.

Something I’m sure most people can do.

And Gary is just one of the many testimonials from our students who have gone through our workshop and used our system.

Wait till I share with you the testimonial of a 58 year old retiree.

If they can do it, I’m sure so can you too.

So my advice is…

The next time you hear someone tells you that building an internet business requires technical knowledge.

You want to laugh in their face and say, “That’s B.S. my friend”.

I’m always here to back you up!


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  1. Lovenus Goh says:

    Hi Jaz,

    I am really comitted, have the burning desire and want to be like you.

    I want to be one of your success stories that you can share to others to inspire them about leveraging on the internet.

    Hi fellow friends, if you are reading this, wait no further. This is the time to make money. I can provide a long list of advantages and millionaires that are using the internet to make money. Time and tide waits for no man.

    Thank you Jaz! See you soon. 🙂

    Best Regards,

  2. Jaz Lai says:

    Yes Lovenus, I can see your passion and you will be my next success story!

  3. hi jaz,

    i think i belong to the category when gary was 19 years old and was just starting out…or should i say he was about to start out with internet marketing and had earnestly sought to sign-up your 3-day workshop.

    i say we share the same predicament because just as he was broke, so am i and we share the same if not greater determination if i could have such opportunity. if he was so determined to earn on the internet at age 19, i have greater determination because am already 53 years-old trying everything to have financial freedom which unfortunately up to this point in time seems to be so elusive.

    if i could have that opportunity to be acquainted with your system, i would be very very grateful…



  4. Jaz Lai says:

    Onie, it’s never to old to acquire knowledge. We also have students who are in their 50s and are getting results online. Getting results are easy, it’s maintaining the consistency and focus that’s difficult. And this is where Gary stands out.

    There are many students that I know who have gotten sales but they tend to stray away after that as they want to go on and try other stuffs or other products.

    And this is where most of them couldn’t make it big online.

    It’s like digging the ground and laying foundation in a building, once the foundation reaches the first floor, they give up and start to build a new foundation.

    Many people don’t realize that it’s easier to build from the first floor til the 10th floor than compare to building foundation.

    Onie, if you are interested in our workshop. Drop me an email at We have a 3 days live training in May. This workshop will be the last training that I have that is open to the public.

    The next training we have will be in 2013 and by then you should be earning a full time income if you completed your training in May.

  5. Penny says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Did Gary spend a lot on traffic? How did he get up and running so fast with so much sales?
    Is he also in IM niche?

  6. Nicholas Yee says:

    Hi Jaz,

    I want to get out of the employment circle.

    Never in my life have I felt such strong desire to succeed. Im willing to slog everything to make this work. Its either do or die.

    Im nicholas and have signed up for your upcoming april 13th intake. Saw you at your office last wk for pre training.

    I will give my full 100% commitment and focus to make this thing work for your 200% commitment.

    We are investing our dreams and hope in you jaz for the ICE workshop.


  7. Jaz Lai says:

    Good to hear that Nicholas.

    Follow what we do and stay close to us and you will reach the top very quickly.

    See you next month.

  8. Jaz Lai says:


    Gary use free traffic method. But the marketing principle remain the same.

  9. Gary Tan says:

    Hey Jaz,Gary here. Woah,I was totally shocked when a stranger pm’ed me on facebook and told me about this blog post,I could hardly believe until I see this myself. I’m so happy and proud to be part of this,feels like things have changed a lot just within a few months. Never thought of a low profile person like me would be part of your success stories here..haha

  10. Jaz Lai says:

    Gary you deserve this. It’s your commitment to chance that make the difference in your life. Now you are an inspiration story to the rest of the world. Keep it up

  11. Alex says:

    Hi Jaz,

    May I know what niche does Gary use in his IM? Thanks.

    It is amazed to see him to reach his first milestone within 3 months.

  12. Lotus Tan says:

    May I know does Gary make the income from create his own product or he is just promoting other people product?

  13. Rachelle says:

    Hi Jaz,

    Thank you for sharing and constantly motivating us with encouraging stories. I am very encouraged by Gary’s success story.

    I will definitely stay focus, be consistent and persistent in doing what I need to do to drive traffic to my website. I hope to share my success story with you one day.

  14. Jaz Lai says:

    Alex & Lotus, Gary is in the health care niche. He is an affiliate selling someone else’s product. That’s the best way to get started for someone new.

  15. Jaz Lai says:

    Rachelle, you are welcome and I hope to feature as one of my success story soon : )

  16. martin yap says:

    I am really comitted, have the burning desire and want to be like you.
    unfortunately,your emails and blogpost, it’s just one huge myth none i could not follows up , and where i could get assistance.

    Time and tide waits for no man, I 100% agrees but its 6 months I your student and also attend iceworkshop but left dying cos of technical knowledge.
    You want to laugh in their face and say, “That’s B.S. my friend”.
    I would rather let public at large laugh in my face then kept mentally torturing myself and say, dam, dam .. you stated > are always here to back you up!

    But, my many SOS gets no responds

  17. martin yap says:

    I’m always here to back you up!
    Never in my life have I felt such strong desire to follow such a wonderful career , where could make money while i am asleep, holidaying and could past to the next generation . Im still willing to slog everything to make this work. Its either do or die.
    Forgive me if my message hurts you or damage you but I do want u as stated > I am are always here to back you up! to honour it.

    Please, reply my many SOS and or how to show me of what should I to do
    to follow up this internet carrer as been an ICE student but left along the street begging and dying.The burning desire of success almost to turn me insane. I could be contact :

  18. martin yap says:

    God Save The Queen

    Whoever read this message, please be kind to pray n pray, for Jaz Lai to save martin yap

    A Million Thanks

  19. Maravilloso amig Jazz Lai. Impresionate el paìs y su gente la hospitalidad es muy importante.
    Hay que señalar que lo que estas haciendo es por medio de Internet y los secretos que estas compartttiendo con el equipo. Creo que hay que ir buscando donde en que pais hace falta fotalecer el internet tal cual tu sabes hacer.

  20. Goh says:

    Dear Jaz,

    May I know what system, Gary used to promote his affiiate items? Your knowledge shared will be greatly cherished. TQ


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