How A Boy Generate One Million In His First Year!


A while ago, I featured one of my top students, Nicholas – also known as Nick in my blog.

Nick made his first sale of US$347.50 just after 10 days of attending one of my live trainings I conducted in Singapore last year.

And look at how much money he now generates in a month right now.


So what did Nick do differently? You might ask.

If you knew Nick personally, you’d probably think he’s just an average kid next door.

In fact, he is a little shy and soft-spoken in nature. When he speak, he stammer. So you wouldn’t expect a a person like him to make this amount of money every month.

However, there are a few characteristics about him that propelled him way ahead of everyone else, toward success.

And these traits can be learnt and emulated.

That is, if you equipped yourself with them, you can achieve similar success in your online business just like Nicholas did, as well as other areas of your life.

When I first met Nick, he told me he has attended other Internet Marketing training before, but he has not yet seen results.

So I said to him, “Nick, since you’re already here, I want you to forget everything you think you know about making money online and approach my training with an empty glass mindset.”

And he did… He absorbed my training like a sponge.

In my years of conducting trainings, I’ve met my fair share of procrastinators who wouldn’t do anything but only give endless excuses for not doing the work I asked them to do.

Excuses range from :

– No time
– Family commitment
– Too busy with work
– Don’t know how
– Don’t dare to do it

But Nick’s different.

He never questions the methods & strategies I imparted to him during my training.

Instead, he allowed the methods to prove themselves.

One thing is for certain, whatever Nick learns today, he’ll see it done the moment he lays his hands on his computer.

And that’s what a massive action taker he is.

Now, you may think making US$84,008.15 (S$107,026.71) a month is a little too far-fetch.

Well, it is… if you don’t have a plan to get there.

And frankly, Nick didn’t know how to get there either initially.

So I told him, “Let’s focus on a more achievable goal. That is, generating your first subscriber.

In my training, I always make my students fill up a simple time-table so when they get home, they’ll know exactly what needs to be done first and thereafter.

So for the next 10 days, Nick followed the time-table closely, never missing a single day.

That’s how diligent he was.

And his effort eventually paid off, as he got his first commission of US347.50.

He couldn’t hold back his excitement that he emailed me right away.

He asked, “Jaz what should I do now, to make even more money.”

My answer was plain and simple.

“Just keep doing whatever is already working and scale it up”

Nick heeded the advice and twenty days later, he netted a total of
US$1,000.00 in profit.

It’s not a lot of money you would say.

But it certainly opened up Nick’s eyes to the possibility of becoming rich as an internet business owner.

And right now, his dream has become a reality.

Here’s what you may notice.

When you start to make ten times more money than what you get for your paid salary.

Your lifestyle is going to change one way or another.

While most people work nine long hours in their day job during the weekdays, Nick packed his bags and he went on a nice holiday to Taiwan.

He threw away his alarm clock and wake up anytime he wanted.

He buy anything he fancy.

And he treat his family to any restaurant that they like.

No longer is he chained up to a dead-end job where he needs to work nine hours a day or is he to be awoken by an alarm clock before the breaking of dawn.

Here’s another secret.

Did you know that the effort required of making US$1000 and making US$100,000 a month is actually the same?

All you have to do, to increase your productivity by working less is to leverage on other people’s effort.

Earning money is one time. Having a good lifestyle is another.

So once you make your first $1000. Engage others to help you to do all the hard work.

Here are some of of my favorite places you can hire people to work for you at affordable rates is:

Once you know exactly what needs to be done on a daily basis, you can hire different people to handle certain tasks.

And that’s how you grow your income from US$1000 to US$100,000.

So, to round it up, here’s the traits you need to equipped yourself with, in order to attain financial freedom on the internet.

1) Have an empty glass mindset.
2) Don’t doubt, just take massive action.
3) Do it daily.
4) Hire someone to do the work for you.

I hope this will inspire you to take massive action and let me know your results soon.

See you at the top!


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  1. Kent Chen says:

    Very inspiring indeed! I think the most common obstacle is asking too much question before you ever take any action and test out whats working and what not. This is a very good reminder for us. Thank you!

  2. sunnytang says:

    Hi Jaz ,
    After reading your mail , I am interested in this internet marking but i too busy to go about starting it , can y help me by hiring someone to work for me …

    Thank you

  3. Alex says:

    Inspiring! Indeed, just duplicate and repeat the success steps to multiple the success. Awesome!! Keep moving for my projects. Gambate!

  4. Myrla Ababon says:

    I am impressed with the enthusiasm and mind set of Nicolas. I am still a newbie in internet marketing and up to date i have not generated any single cent. Nicolas inspired me if he can do it i can do it!!! I have 3 websites but not productive, i have store but no sales. That explains why I am still struggling with my budget, cannot afford to pay for my ads for my amazon store, they expect me to spend $500 to get good leads. Can you please help? Thank you much!

  5. Jaz Lai says:

    Myria, its not about having more websites. Make 1 website work before you move on to others.

  6. Hi Jaz,

    I’m Arnel Mancilla from the Philippines.I read you email contain the story of Nick one of your student in internet business.I was so inspired,because my dream is to become a successful internet businessman.I hope one day I meet you and i want to become your student.I’m a newbie in internet business trying to do some internet marketer advice hoping to become successful.In fact I attended 2 times in the seminar of Mr Nick your student .My heart was full of hope after my attending His seminar.I think it is the solution of my financial problem.

    God bless and regards,

    Arnel Mancilla

  7. Penny says:

    Nicholas is an inspiration to us all.
    It’s not tactics or the next shiny object that works, it’s time tested strategies+hard work and tenacity that wins the game.

  8. June Yee says:

    Great sharing for Nicolas’s experience and your ’round it up’ pointers. Keep your post coming.Thank you.

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