Success Story – Khai Ng


Just had lunch with my old friend – Khai Ng.

I met Khai through a really strange way. Through another Internet marketer’s seminar and later through his help desk.

We’ve done business together and Khai has learned from me regarding Internet marketing strategies and training.

He has just started his Internet marketing business back then and now he is one of my most successful rising Internet super stars.

Whenever he drop by Singapore, we will always meet for coffee to catch up and share new business strategies that we have tried out.

With the money that he earned, he started to buy property for investment purposes (By the way, that’s a great move) and I would suggest you do the same as well.

Not too long ago, Khai used to work 9 to 5 for only USD350 a month and he is just like any other average Joe who has never had any online experiences.

Once he started to model my business model, he went from ZERO to making a 5-Figure Monthly Income in a short span of 10 months.

When it comes to starting a successful business, it is not just about the latest strategies and methods.

Alot of it have to do with the mind set.

I’ll briefly share with you 2 of his reasons why he successfully applied what I taught him to become the success he is today…

(1) His ‘Why’ is very strong.

He told me that he would like to drive a better car. So I offered to let him take my Lotus for a test drive. He sat in it, felt it in his heart, mind, soul and in his bones – the feeling of the desire for success. He is already successful and he wants even greater success even more! If you want something bad enough and your ‘Why’ is very strong, the ‘how’ or ‘how to’ will not be an issue at all.

(2) He knows how to utilize the right tools

Having a strong why is good, but having the right tools will get you there even faster. Khai utilized all the right resources. You can get from one place to another – but mediocre people would rather walk or ride a bike. Successful people will take a plane straight to the destination in the fastest and most direct route.

I’m so proud of Khai and I hope you can experience the same success as him.

P.S. Speaking about having the right tools for success, you can check out his business here. This is how he become one of the fastest raising internet superstar.

If he (a college drop out) can do it, why not you.


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  1. Man when I just got started in internet marketing I had a hard time doing the right steps at the right time. I think people can learn from your post and turn this content into cash. Thanks for the post keep it up!!

    Chris H.

  2. Can I success like u? Thr r many internet marketing now.

  3. Shima Miralaei says:

    Hi Jaz
    It looks sothat you are successful men and others like you want to be successful how is to reach success?

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