After attend the Inbox Cash Explosion class in May 2012 conducted by Jaz Lai. It is an eye opening for me to know how internet marketing can be so wonderful.
Though I may not see instant cash coming now, (if you do nothing) with perseverance and consistency work, I believe we all can make it to 1st million mark. Last but not least, Gam-ba-te Jaz Lai
-Emily Yap


Tis really an eye-opening workshop. Never know there are so many ways to make money online, and Jaz Lai’s workshop has shown it all. Dedicated trainers sharing with us many secrets and techniques on this online business. Wow!

-Teresa Chua


I am glad to have attended this workshop as it has given a very good insight to what Email Marketing is all about. The trainers were very well in presenting the ways and methods. Very supportive with follow up videos to recap what was taught as we can’t remember everythings. Keep up the good work! Jaz and Team!

-Dave Chan


The workshop is very useful for beginner like me. I learned many information which I unable to learn in my school

-Zack Han Zhenguang


Value for $ Course!! I have learned a lot of Internet knowledge and also tips to be successful within these 3 days.
Once again, millions thanks to Jaz and all his dedicated Assistant trainers. Special Thanks to Helen for all her”extra mile” services to make my learning journey a fruitful ones and cheer for Jaz Lai Pte Ltd.

-Steven Soo


Practical course on how to do online internet marketing effectively. Students were equipped with many tools useful to become Internet Marketers. Trainers are knowledgeable, expert on their own areas and willing to share to the max

-Bayu Darmawan


Very fruitful and enlightening. Both Jaz and his team are very helpful and selfless. They are willing to impart their knowledge without hesitation. Great workshop.

-Ricky Ho


I have been on Jaz Lai’s list since 2010 and it amaze me on why I kept opening his emails first when I see the name ‘Jaz Lai’ in my inbox. Despite the fact that I have countless of other marketer’s email in my inbox. It amazes even more when I ‘automatically’ buy the products he sells or promotes without much hesistation
This workshop has definitely blew my mind on the strategies he used in Email Marketing and how he was able to “make me” open his emails.
I look forward to applying his list building and email marketing strategies to my own online business.

-Muhammad Muhsin Bin Aziz


Taking up this Inbox Cash Explosion course is an eye opener to money making online. Thanks to Jaz and his team of trainers for helping me to go through steps by steps even though I’m not internet savvy. I believe that if one continues to pursue one’s dream of making money online, I strongly recommend you to take up the course with Jaz and you won’t regret it!

-Diana Yap


Before I attended the 3 day Ice workshop, I could not understand the terms and the process upon which a successful online business an be bluff , even though having heard so much about.
The Ice Workshop revert to me all the steps and the practical processes as well as the product to apply immediately in establishing first online business
Next step is to practice the several processes and also tap on the various resourceful websites and link pick up at the workshop.
Thanks very much to Jaz Lai and his mighty team

  -Yan Kum Seng


The 3 days of training, “killed” a few sacred cons/myths about internet marketing for me. It also helped me gain insights and knowledge into aspect of internet marketing I have always wanted to learn or know.
Jaz Lai is amazingly down to earth, positive and this shows in his disciples eg Edmund, Lionel, Ivan and Helen. Very positive, cheerful and definitely hardworking. It is not what I totally expected but is still a very pleasant surprise.
The course has enabled me to gain insight info money working in internet marketing and will enable me to “train” others in future or send them to Jaz Lai training to achieve my goal of helping others (young or old) to get out of their poverty trap.

-Sarah Lam


This course is indeed very enriching with many hands on guide by trainers. Easy to understand and definitely very different from others I have attended. Jaz is friendly and down to earth in his teachings and sharing. The team is great. Awesome team!

-Lawrence Poh


This is my first time attended the “Internet Online Biz” The Seminar keep me updated what is “internet Online Biz” doing in 21st Century. Something I;ve not done for myself is the goal that Jaz Lai has asked the student to write down “ What is your annual cost/monthly epenses” Wow , I didn’t expect the cost that I can achieve if I set my goal. I’ve a cleared mind what I want after I attended the Seminar. Hope to see good result.
-Yeo Liu Ching Mabel Irene


My god is always good to me. I prayed for the good mentor. He led me to Jaz Lai’s preview.
I am 100% satisfied with the entire workshop and I’m enjoying the whole sessions. I got many ideas and I will use them to build my online assets.

-Timothy Ong


Very cosy and comfortable class. Coaches were very helpful and friendly and I’m glad that they take initiative to ask people how they are coping. Jaz Lai’s class is informative and interesting. It is quite hard to fall asleep in the middle of his class, except after lunch. The buffet lunch provided by Jaz Lai is very thoughtful and I appreciate it very much.

-Alvin Aw


Very Open and transparent sharing from speakers’ experience. Received valuable tips and understand how they can help me out Trainers are friendly, helpful and humorous

-Lovenus Goh


1. Fantastic IM workshop
2. Very wide aspects coverage, awesome!
3. Many well trained trainers surrounding us for technical support & assistance –wonderful!
4. Magical Master & Mentor plus many good speakers guiding us to brighter direction – Wow!
5. No hide and seek workshop- Great man!
6. Powerful lecturer! Thank you Jaz Lai
7. Transparent, share all the way –very good team!!

-Ng Buie Min


The 3 days workshop was loaded with a lot of info to help us jumpstart the biz. All the hands on practice were a great way for us to get started. Jaz and his team are friendly, patient and very willing to help. Thanks for the yummy lunch provided by Jaz

-Grace Ng


The Jaz Lai’s “ Inbox Cash Explosion” workshop is the best make money online course I hae attended. A lot of highly valuable step by step details are provided , much free resources are given , and many good tips and guidance shared. I have confidence to recommend this course to anybody who wish to start online business.

-Chester Hwang


I highly recommend this course as it is very direct straight to the point. The whole point is to make money online and Jaz has done a great job in delivering this aspect. Unlike other Internet Marketing gurus which I have attended. Jaz really teaches us how to make money online the direct way. I like the way that this course is simple and straight to the point. No bullshitting,

-Nicholas Yee


V happy its “hands on” and “DIY” at least once know what we are learning. I am not good in computer . Can log in , answer, forward and delete emails. Had absorbed quite a bit despite its v injustified. Quite enjoyable with Jai Lai’s training,together with his well trained team of trainers. Very cooperative, a friendly sincere in teaching, important patience. If not, I wouldn’t sign up another course @$1999. I have a better grasp with computer knowledge, although still a long way to go. I am glad I selected Jaz Lai’s Inbox Cash Explosion . Not others, follow up plus well trained trainers are v important. Atmosphere informality makes learning altogether and enjoyable one. I am looking forward to another training. Much appreciate and thank you especially Helen a great help.

-Lena Tew


After being in business for 10 years, making a decent living, I just could not help it seeing so many younger people driving their very nice cars certainly they didn’t get it from their parent. So I was thinking there must be something that they are doing that are not traditional, earning money faster, earlier. So I heard Internet Marketing.
But IM is like a big jigsaw puzzle,been to a few but still can not piece everything together. Thanks Jaz for piecing the puzzle of IM together. I am sure it will works this time round.

-Jonathan Tan Guan Seng


Inbox Cash Explosion is a special workshop I recommend to all budding online marketers and especially newbies. Jaz Lai with all his online make money and interne business experience, gave it all. The workshop is very structured which will enlighten the beginner to learn all aspects of his/her online to take off to a good start. I believe Jaz Lai techniques and system he teach in his workshop will help me make money and enjoy the lifestyle I dream of. Inbox Cash Explosion rocks! This workshop is a MUST Attend.

-Hafiz Rahman


After attended Jaz’s course, I knew my life is going to improve and to accelerate the achievements of my dreams and goals. I have learnt this underground secret in Internet Marketing which is not taught anywhere else and has become a reality.

– Raff Koh


This is a very practical workshop that I ever attend before. I went to a lot of workshops on how to make money but there were always something hidden knowledge I really learned a lot of things from this workshop although I already had Degree in Information Technology.
I believe after these 3 days, I will earn a lot of ‘money’ just like ‘waterfall’ from heaven. Therefore, please login to waterfallcash.com to experience cash fall unto you, just like ‘waterfall’ fall on you.

– Joy Lai


This is one of the best IM workshop, I been so for. This workshop is very well planned as we built our IM business over the 3 days. The trainers have been very helpful and generous with their knowledge. This is one workshop I would highly recommend to others to start their IM journey.

– Kelvin Ng


I would like to thank Jaz and his team for this enriching experience. Jaz approach is very comprehensive and systematic. Most importantly, it’s also easy to understand. His trainers are also very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this course anyone, even if you are a newbie.

– Benjamin Yap


During the 3 days of the workshop, I learnt a lot about building a successful internet business. Jaz also shared lots of “hidden secrets” that I’ve not heard from anywhere else. It’s unbelievable!

– Andrew Peterson


I have learnt a tremendous amount of truly useful and applicable techniques that I can use right away on my internet business. I would like to thank Jaz for also sharing with us all the recommended resources that I can take advantage of as leverage, to help enhance my business… even though it’s just 3 days!

– Honney Dograa


What can I say, Jaz Lai is a down to earth person who’s open about sharing all his knowledge. He also gives very practical advice and training to start an internet business. It’s easy to understand this course and most importantly, the support that he gives is excellent.

– Albert Nyau


Thank you very much Jaz Lai and team for this resourceful training that I can easily relate to. The information provided is enough for me to get started on internet marketing. Thank you very much for the resources as well.

– Foong Chee How


I would like to thank Jaz and his team of trainers. Thankfully, one of the trainers came by to sit with me during the workshop and made sure that I could catch up with the rest of the class.

– Ng Kok Mun


Jaz Lai’s system is by far the only workable and practical approach I know, to a successful internet business.

– Master Wong Mun Chong


Jaz Lai shared with us many valuable resources throughout the 3 days of the workshop. He also provides us with solutions to comprehend the information and to get it started. Great Training!

– Djuan Onn


I have little idea on Internet Marketing. This course gives me an idea to link my experience into practice.

– Tey Chui Giong


If you want to have a strong foundation for your online business, Jaz Lai is the person to go to. The course is comprehensive, and Jaz and his team is able to guide me throughout the course.

You’ll get a fully functional web business at the end of the 3-day course. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants a practical course for online business.

– Benny Chow

I can see Jaz really wants to help people start up the Internet Marketing Business.

Follow-up lesson is on the pipeline. He is arranging for gurus like Daegan Smith, Johan Mok. (I really learnt a lot this moring from him)

– Sam Leong


A “no punches pulled”, down to earth, pragmatic program that lifts the mystery behind Internet Marketing and email campaigns.

The sincerity of the presenters and helpfulness of the support crew makes this a 5-star program.

I recommend it.

– Ricky Lien

A big “WOW” to me, really “brain-washing” seminar and “wake” me up. I have seen the light for my future….

A “Big” Thank You to all of us, especially Jaz.

– Danny Cheng


This is my very first Internet Marketing program and workshop. I am so excited to learn and implement directly the new know-how into practice.

During the workshop, the support available was very personal and fun, because we are all supported by Jaz and his coaches. In just 3 days, I learnt so many practical and vital issues about Internet Marketing and making money online, that I am confident I will make money and create a strong momentum to get it all done, especially because I am supported all the way for the coming year and onwards in my Internet business.

Two thumbs up for the genuine intention and effort to help me make money on the Internet and getting my life back soon. Thank you so much, Jaz!

– Rik Stegehuis

Really value for my investment.
Well organised to suit newbies.
Very focused on traffic generation.
All you need to know to start making some money on the Internet.
If you are serious enough, you could recoup your investment and more!

– Chin Wee Teck

Good workshop for beginners new to Internet Marketing. I learnt how to set up my own website and got it running by the end of day 1 of the workshop!

– Madeline Ng

Overwhelming knowledge, tips and information. There was also an overwhelming support during the workshop.

The presentation and workshop flow were very good.


– Mohamad Talib Salleh


I am a beginner in Internet Marketing and have very limited technical knowledge with IT/websites etc. I found Jaz’s course easy to understand and implement. The information is all provided to you, now you just need to follow the system and keep going at it!

– Millie Leung

The hands on on the MR FUs is good and I’m very excited to even think about my success using this system

– Nancy Low

The course has exceeded my expectations! As a newbie in Internet Marketing, I have learnt much practical and useful stuff to allow me to move to the fast lane of success!


– Vicky Lee


I told my friend on Saturday night (end of day) that this is the only program I attended where I paid $2,000 but felt like I am getting $200,000 (100x value over)!

Today is Sunday 2pm, just after Johan Mok’s sharing. This session was not even part of what I paid for but… what else can I say… I felt like a millionaire already!

– Amelia Tan

The course/workshop is resourceful, full of hands-on work, tips and engaging. Jaz is very well-experienced. I was way surprised that his strategy of success includes his personal life stories. I was amazed and very touched.

It was a well-planned and guided workshop, and I hope to adopt his steps and passion/dedication for my success through his guidance. Big cheers to Jaz and the wonderful team.

– Francis Tan

With the Inbox Cash Explosion course, Jaz has put our business on turbo mode. Learn from him and you will shortcut your learning curve and be on the way to success!

Jaz really gives his all! You just have got to be there to Experience it! He has been sincere in helping us with his insights. Thank you Jaz! You have put us on the path to financial freedom!

– Desmond Ang

I like the Internet Marketing Programme very much which has in fact opened my mind, and perception to a whole new world of marketing and making money online. It’s fantastic! You have exposed me to a potential market of 7 billion people.


– Tan Yam Tee


I’ve always been fascinated with how I could make money online. Though I couldn’t figure out things like creating videos and setting up a blog or why it was important for my internet business. Attending Jaz’s course was like a dream come true. The course literally answered all my questions. I was very delighted when Jaz demonstrated all the “how tos” on the projector and we were asked to follow the steps. I would like to thank Jaz for his sincerity and generous heart.

 – Chan Aik Hoon

Jaz’s course provides a complete system of how an internet business can be set up within days. His hands-on approach provides the students with the exact step by step so that one can avoid procrastination and kick-start their business right after they get home. His team of trainers are also very helpful and very responsive when it comes t0 answering our concerns.

– Cassandra Poon

The main takeaway is the hands on that we did during each lesson. We are able to get into action immediately and not just take in all the theory and forget everything when we are about to start at home. Lots of resources are being shared and it definitely help us a lot especially when are new.

– Jason Khoo

I am very pleased to have join this workshop. It had opened up my mind to see a lot of things that I have never take noticed of. Being someone who came from a rich IT background with web design experience, I didn’t know that there are so many many wonderful things about the internet. I’m grateful that I made it to the workshop. Thank you very much Jaz and his trainers who assisted me throughout the 3 days.

– Tan Ooi Hwa

The course really opened up my eyes to the world of internet marketing. A lot of things shown to me of which I would not have discovered on my own. I would like to express my thanks to Jaz and his team of trainers.


– Jonathan Pham

I’m glad that I attended this workshop. I believe that I can have a business of my own with the help of Jaz Lai & company staff. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to set up an internet marketing business.


– Rachelle Tan

What can I say, The workshop was fantastic. Very good ideas and strategies were being shared and the surprise lesson on the third day was beyond words. You can not only apply it to your internet business but also, to your daily life as well.


– Chong Soon On

This is by far, the most interesting, enjoyable and educational workshop that I’ve attended out of the few that I’ve been to. In the 3 day hands-on practical workshop, I’ve got a website up and running and a product to promote. I can say that now I have the confidence and knowledge to run a successful internet business.

– Gina Chang

I”m very pleased to have an opportunity to attend Jaz Lai’s course which I felt is well structured, well organized with so many trainers around to help up. Some of them are very successful in their field but yet, they are still very helpful and down to earth. The course was very practical and focuses on email marketing and traffic generation. The hands on experience we had are very easy to follow. Keep up the good work Jaz!

– Ronald Phua

Jaz and his team are very professional and are willing to share their secrets of a successful internet marketing system. Most of the strategies I learnt during the workshop are not found in any textbooks that I’ve read before. Jaz’s way of approaching the internet business is very insightful, comprehensive and refreshing.

– Mark Loh

Interesting, inspirational and exciting program. Jaz Lai comes across as a very knowledgeable and earnest internet marketing coach. A humble guy who truly cares for his students’ progress and sucesss. Cheers!

– Fatimah Too


Jaz’s workshop is very well-rounded, covering all the aspects needed to get an internet business up and running. He even provides us with video tutorials that were very well documented, ensuring amateurs will still be able to catch up. I would also like to thank Jaz and his team of trainers who were being very helpful and patient at the same time. Thumbs up to all!

– Amanda Yap

I got my very first subscriber to my website during the workshop. The second one came during the wee hours while I was still sleeping! I can’t imagine how many more subscrinbers and sales I would get when I apply all the traffic generation strategies taught by Jaz. I’m really glad that I made the decision to attend Jaz’s Inbox Cash Explosion Workshop.

– Brenda Choo

Very entertaining & Eye-opening Workshop! Now I’m all charged up to kick start my internet business. Highly recommend it to anyone who are keen to start their Internet Business. Jaz Lai & his team of trainers are very helpful and patient too. And by the way, thanks for the bonus resourcess. They are great!

– Michael Chak

Tremendous resources to make it work. Well worth the price. It is all up to the participants how much they can leverage on. Well done Jaz!

5 thumbs up!

– Melvyn Loh


Mind blowing NEW information on a different paradigm approach in making money. Remarkable & talented trainers sharing their intimate know-how to us. Kudos!

– K C Wong

As an internet newbie, I have benefited from the course that I have a great paradigm shift in the understanding of internet marketing. Esp, the Mr Fu’s system. I have overcome my many doubts and am a much confident person in the internet marketing.

Appreciate the overall arrangement and many thanks to Jaz Lai and the many assistants & crew members. Cheers!

– Wong Eng Keong

It is a very intensive workshop. There are lots to learn. The trainers and his supporting crews are very helpful to coach and guide. What is good about the training is that Jaz Lai has given his proven system for us to ride on and to lead us to be successful.

– Chiang Hen Chan

For a first timer, I have gained useful knowledge on internet marketing but it is definitely a mountainous task for a beginner like me to start off on own. Nevertheless, I will try my very best to take up this challenge for the sake of my commitment to my family and the amount I have invested in this workshop.

– Lim Ah Cheng

The lessons have open my mind to the world of internet marketing. The opportunities are infinity with a borderless, timeless, money generating concept. Thanks to everyone who has given the effort and support to make the lesson effective and supportive towards the creation of abundance wealth.

– Jason Tan

Exciting, new and interesting. It has:-
1) Value and inherent benefit in the class.
2) I feel a new fresh person with all this new info and my self-esteem is up.
3) Confident to be in IM business.
4) Great to be in this special class.

– Tee Siok Yam

Lots to learn from Jaz Lai and the sad thing is now I only realise the great potentials in internet marketing. I am only at the ABC Stage and want to achieve the success that Jaz has. Great course and look forward to achieve success with Jaz & team.

– Lim Hsiu Yen

I LOVE this workshop. So much of interaction between trainers and students. Before the workshop, I have no knowledge of the know how. After attending this 3 days workshop, I have pick-up valuable know how in this internet biz.

This is a great workshop and I want to grow my internet biz gradually with the confident that I have build up in the workshop.

Whatever paid is definitely worth it!

– Michael Wong

I am a 55 years old man, with minimal computer knowledge. After attending Jaz Lai Inbox Cash Explosion workshop, then only I know what internet marketing is all about.

Initially, I am skeptical about internet marketing. But after finishing the workshop, I find that anyone can be an internet marketer regardless of age.

I never regret attending Jaz Lai Inbox Cash Explosion Workshop.

– Yap Kim Lin

Before I came to the workshop, I know nothing about internet marketing. Since attending Jaz Lai’s Inbox Cash wei Explosion, it makes me so excited that I can’t wait to see my cash flowing into my account. FANTASTIC workshop..

– Chin Wei Gyn


Thanks, Jaz Lai. I have learnt a lot about internet marketing and have fun in your workshop. I am really surprise that I got traffic by just simply share my website on facebook.

The squeeze page is working well. I think internet marketing is a trend now and I hope this biz will help me to reach my financial objectives. Again, Thanks Jaz Lai.

– Chia Yuen Yong

1) A deserve workshop.
Even this is my first workshop attended, no others for me to compare with, but at least there is step-by-step teaching on how we are going to start up an online biz.
*Really happy & excited when I saw my own website posted. It’s true, my own domain name is there!!!

2) Willing to share/give info for useful resources. Save a lot of time and effort searching on our own.

3) Enjoy and having a good time throughout the workshop. I felt excited about coming to the class everyday.

4) Really enjoy and getting a lot of useful resources from the workshop.

– Maggie Ng

This is one of the most awesome and comprehensive workshop that I have ever attended.

Very good valuable information and tutorial.

Looking forward to getting more income.


– Stephen Ng, www.inboxcashjackpot.com

1) Jaz has shown me a great way to make money and achieve financial freedom.

2) Throughout the course, I have picked up many valuable resources which can help me in my future endeavours irregardless of trade.


– Kevin Lee JH

This is one of the best workshop I have ever attended. Jaz has given a very good coverage of the things we need to know about internet marketing.

He did it in a manner that is easy to understand and follow. We are now on our way to achieve the dream of becoming a IM millionaire.

The supporting coaches are very friendly and helpful!

That’s great!

– Patrick Wong

1) The sessions have given me an indepth knowledge of how to start an email marketing business.

2) The trainers are very patient and they explain step by step until I understand what was taught.

3) Jaz’s lecture was interesting and easy to understand. The examples he shown was very good to help us better understand the requirements.

– Paul Chan MF

Thank you so much Jaz & all your team/crew!

It was an incredible 3 days learning journey. I’ve learnt so much that I am looking forward to doing my “Homework”. I hope to have something to show you when we meet again.

What I loved :

1. Lots of tips & applications
2. Lots of resources for leveraging on other people’s skills
3. Your backup and student care service

– Brigid Varghese

A very comprehensive internet marketing course for a newbie like me.

The course details and assistance provided in this course is very encouraging.

Simply simple, easy to follow.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in internet marketing.

– Lee Wee Sang, www.cashboxwealth.net

A very informative workshop. I felt very enthusiast in starting a new page in my life after going through Jaz’s workshop.

Bravo to the team!

– Ilyas Selemat, www.inboxwealthbooster.com

I have tried to start up an internet business for a number of years, brought tons of products to learn how to do that.

But I’ve never been able to start up. Too much overload.

Basically, overwhelm and don’t know what, where and how to get started.

After attending this workshop, at least I know how and what to do to get started.

I would recommend anyone who wants to learn about internet marketing to start with this workshop.

Just like learning your ABCs before you learn how to write.

Great Job Jaz!

– Kelvin Lim

This workshop is WONDERFUL! I have learned a lot in 3 days and it really motivated and pushes me to work harder.

The resources given to us were really useful and the trainers/crews are really helpful. They are always there to guide us through out the whole workshop.

– May Ng

The 3 Days intensive Inbox Cash Explosion workshop is a major 2 eye opener for me!

I am determine to put in hard work for the next 6 months, lay strong foundation and put all I have learnt in practice, 1 by 1, without fail.

I believe I can do it, I will do it and I will be successful.

Thank you for the teaching.

– Chan Ye Pan, www.cashinboxbuilder.com

This is the first time I have attended a internet marketing course and I am inspired by how people can really make lots of money online.

Jaz is very reliable and down to earth.

I am looking forward to be the next internet millionaire.

– Kelvin Chia,

I have just completed Jaz Lai’s workshop and I find the course extremely useful and easy to manage.

I have taken so many internet marketing course but non succeed.

I couldn’t imagine I could get my website uploaded and done.

Jaz also has a team of very dedicated trainers to help him oversees all our problems.

I highly recommend this workshop to those interested in Internet marketing.

– Mechell Leong,  www.inboxcashbooster.net

I have make the right decision to enrol ICE workshop I learnt a lot of useful and practical information from all trainers. They shared their experience how they do it I can say that no rubbish tip and information in this workshop. Now is me to take action.



– Deng Jing Rong, www.cashinmachine.com